A Nostr Note

A Nostr Note
{"id":"c137c7f22d6135c538ab2b1e921da98139a64369f4a01d0712bbb5ffe0bdf421","pubkey":"c48e29f04b482cc01ca1f9ef8c86ef8318c059e0e9353235162f080f26e14c11","created_at":1695799083,"kind":1,"tags":[["t","bitcoinoutloud"]],"content":"As you watch looting (both small scale in shops and large scale by your government) become more and more prevalent, ponder this quote from The Law, written by Frédéric Bastiat: \n\n“Wherever plunder is less burdensome than labor, it prevails… When does plunder cease, then? When it becomes more burdensome and more dangerous than labor.”\n\nI’m going to do a #BitcoinOutLoud read of the book soon because it should be required reading.","sig":"ba040186f65dd55c7ccd8c8d76e5b97a26d8406735e56a820c7037f02fc5d4bf6b10be163623d874cb898dd10b998e07cd6d0367eb12cb32afb4a839b7cb914a"}
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