Design Tasks


As a reader I want to see the hierarchical location of a document (Breadcrumbs.)
As an Editor, I want to add a document within a daft.
    Should switch from all types of embeds.
    Embed picker, same for all references common UI.
    With a branch picker too.
    Explore using the name Add instead of Embed.
As an Editor, I want to add a document to another document or document section.


As an External Editor, I want to Suggest changes to a Document, request for merging?
As a branch owner or collaborator, I want to Accept changes from an External Editor or non-collaborator.
As an Editor, I want to rebase my draft when I get new changes from Collaborators.
Review conflicts only from the same paragraph!?
As an Editor, I want to split a document into two documents.


As a group owner, I want to remove one or more editors