HyperTuesday 44 - 024.5.21

Open Projects

    Breadcrumbs @z6Mkq...RcgWp
    Copy-paste and prioritize lists. @iskaktoltay
    Compare Versions. @z6Mks...ESQGx @z6Mkj...d4w8w
      Compare a draft to a version. We need an API. @z6Mkj...d4w8w
      Compare two versions.
      Manage Conflicts.
      Collaborative Changes: Draft Rebasing @horacio @Isavc3
        Collaborative Editing between Collaborators.
        Document Diffing
        Review Conflicts in the same block.
        Update draft.
        Document Settings.
    Suggested Changes @Julio @Eric Vicenti @Isavc3
      Suggested Changes between non-collaborators
        Show changes by author and list of heads.
        Suggest changes.
        See Document diffing and review Conflicts @z6Mks...ESQGx
        Merge Suggested Changes. API by @z6Mkj...d4w8w
      User Stories:
        As a User, I want to Suggest a change to a document.
        As a User, I want to merge a suggested change into my Suggested change Draft.
        As a Collaborator, I want to Accept a suggested Change.
        As a Collaborator, I want to cherry-pick suggested changes.
      New Component for Live Document:
          Suggested Changes
          Rebase Draft
          See permission changes event
        Different from Version History.
          See how the document evolves.
          Branches navigation.
      Get rid of variants
        Only default view.
        Not consider author variants as branches, but as Suggested Changes
        Right now, ignore Group variants. In the future, migrate Group Variants to Main Branches with Groups as Publishers and Groups permission published at the Group location.


    Deleted Content Page with bring back. @Eric Vicenti
    Windows opens once and refocuses if they are open. @Eric Vicenti

Upcoming Projects

Manage Collaborators (ACLs versus Caps) @burdiyan
    Add Collaborators
    Add Group Collaborators
Decent Conflict Managment
Branching Editing - Explicit Branches
    Create a Branch
    Select Branches
      Move Branches to the Document Settings
Creating branches enables multiple drafts and private collaboration


    We dont want to invest in Group Variants
    Groups suck for collaboration.