Project: Range Embeds+Links


Often you want to discuss or reference a specific string of text within a document. There is no ability right now to highlight some text within a block to discuss specifically, or link to a specific set of text.


First we will implement a new blockRef format for the fragment portion of document URLs:
    blockId - Collapsed Full BlockNode
    blockId+ - Expanded Full BlockNode
    blockId:start:end - Text range in block
To create a Range URL, select some text within a block, then two small buttons will appear hovering over your selection:
    Click to Copy - Will copy the full document URL including the range blockRef
    Click to Comment - Will create a new comment that embeds this range, allowing you to quickly comment on a range of text.
Range URLs should correctly highlight on web and app when clicking any embeds, links, or citations.

No Goes

    No multi-ranges, each range is limited to a set of characters within one block
    No "latest" ranges. Because the text may change in a block, we can only reference the exact version