Navigation Hierarchy Feedack

Tasks from Gabo's point of view:
    Merge the Document Outline with the Group Navigation.
    Give Birdview/Zooming functionalities to the Library.
      Up and Down
    Reorganize App Navigation, adapting Birdview Library.
      Everything is consistent, so it is easier for the user to build a mind map of how the app works.
      Expose that everything is a document
      I want to organize my Groups with categories
    Unhide the Navigation document and change the Create Category User Flow.
    Make Transclusions Outlinable.
      Make the embedded document a heading to make the transclusion part of the outline
      Can we use indistinctable Headings and Document Titles?
    Add breadcrumbs
Open Questions for me:
    Uncategorized content = All Content - Categorized Content
    Unhide the Navigation document + the Create Category User Flow compatible with Headings are Categories.
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