Academic Conference Proceedings Paper

Initial thoughts

    Conference proceedings may be lighter publishing than Journal papers.
    Conferences are also interesting for tutorials and workshops that people go to learn.
    Papers are still peer-reviewed. They are sent to at least one or more reviewers.
    Peer-review full content is only open to the Conference Committee staff. Excerpts of reviews are shared with submitting author (nominated person if >1 author) regardless of whether paper is accepted or not, as feedback can help improve later submissions by rejected authors.
    A committee organizes a Conference and is responsible for the peer review process by selecting a group of voluntary reviewers.
Software workflows
    Production of the work a researcher has done.
      The process is based on trust.
      Nobel and contribution to the field
      Submitted to Publishing. Here, Mintter kicks in. The author submits the academic paper Copy of Record, a contract.
      Copy of Record: The single copy of a document, often the original, designated as the official copy for reference and preservation.
    Citation tree
    Today references are non fine grained addressable.

Needs from an Open Hypermedia System

    Copy of Record submission - contract.
    Open peer review process.
    Closer conversations to the material.
    Export - Interface for personal information manipulation.
      Semantic Web.
      Personal consumption.
      Tailor Search and Navigation.
      Citation Tree, Graph.
      PDFs with metadata.

Federation and how entities fit together