Backoff Peer-Routing and Syncing

Every time we start the App, there is a DHT Lookup of all your Contacts, except the bootstrap nodes.
Smooth lookup.
Every time there is a Sync, there is a Lookup of all your Contacts. Contacts offline are being looked up every minute.
Backoff: add delay.
Online Trusted Peers.
Is about checking the cursor. It could even be continuous syncing.
Connection is open with Online Peers.
There is no Peer-Routing with online peers.
Offline Trusted Peers> Prioritize on the IP Lookup and limit the concurrancy of lookups.
Last periodic lookup.
Received content.
Connected to you.
Untrusted Peers.
There is no syncing with Untrusted Peers.
Manual sync to a Peer.
First Version
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