Reporting is what is interesting. The medium is irrelevant

Dan Gillmore 22:14
The medium is irrelevant; the reporting is what is interesting.
These fields are not always simple for the journalist to understand. The most important thing for the journalist to realize is that the audience will be collectively more informed than the journalist ever will be.
It is not a thread, not even daunting; it is an opportunity!

Write a book

Be more transparent in the process and establish a channel for feedback:
First Outline
Then Chapters Drafts
Finally the Book

Open Magazine

Sattle the meta intelligence and become a choreographers of a knowledge community. 80% of content comes from my members.
The most successful content of my Magazine is the content created by the audience. This content is most discussed and has the most views.

Editorial Process

27:10 Vinton Cerf
If there is a way to get The Editorial function, maybe it is not enough by one person's mind but by this meta intelligence.

Citizen Journalist

32:47 Frances Mann-Craik
The citizen journalist doesn't verify sources. Their opinions could be biased.
However, we can't say that media companies are not biased.
Who is a journalist? What is an act of journalist?
The initiator
The Economist's body of editors has a specific worldview.
It has morph to a conversation.
Every piece invokes another actor to participate, plus the peer pressure of the audience, should emerge high quality content in a continuous conversation.