Missing Pieces for Navigation and Organization

Better Embeds

    Embed a document and only show a title but with the same format as a heading.
    Sidenotes for Embed annotations
    Do we need interactive Embeds?
    When I click an embed, I want to go into the embed and not open a new window.
    My local embeds, by default, should be 'latest'
    We need a link definition document. How are we including collapsing into the link?

Draft Experience

When I am writing headings in a Draft, it must write the heading in the Outline Menu
    Maybe it should be grey font as it won't be definitive until the user press Publish.

App Navigation

    Having only one Outline Menu, which starts from our Profile Document, is clean and powerful. There is no need to add different sections for each Group, as I suggested last week.
    If a user wants to add a group to the Outline Menu, he only needs to embed the Group Front Document to the Profile Document.
    As the Profile Document is public, it will be synced across devices.
    The Outline Menu still needs to Focus on the Headings and Collapsing.
    We must set the fixed menu items as Feed, Explore, Contacts, and Settings. (and Search shortcut?)

Publishing with the new Navigation

    I should be able to start a new document from another document. This way, will users be able to add structure with only one click?
    Should I be able to drag and drop a document to the Outline Menu?
    I am worried about Orphan Documents.

Improve the Editorial Process.

    Let's change from Variants to Branches.
    We are mixing Permissions, History, Accept Changes, Publishing, and Navigation under the same concept of Variants/Branches.