Q1 - Product Ready

Dogfooding: functionalities that will move us to use Mintter Hypermedia for the End of February
10 Active Communities by the end of March
Experimental Commentary
Editor Stability @horacio @z6Mkv...pjBbW
Links UX Consistency and Latest @horacio @Eric Vicenti @burdiyan
Editor Improvements
Draft corruption
Fix 20 issues
Cursor and Backoff
Push to
Editor Improvements @horacio @Iskak
Continue Fixing issues.
Global Activity Feed @eric @eric
Quick Switcher/Recents @Eric
Link Resolver in the Backend
Inline Embeds
Mentions @horacio
Basic Performance Metrics
Open Source Python CLI Client
Launcher/Recents @Eric Vicenti @Julio
Basic Business Metrics @z6Mkj...8tbko
Conversations Visible Connections. @horacio
CMD+F @horacio
Mnemonics Back-Up User Task.
Group/Document Feed @Julio @Eric Vicenti
Experiment with Forum UI - Collapse Viewspec
Feed to see Comments.
GroupSite Navigation @Eric Vicenti
Hierarchical Libraries
External Links
Document/Groups Attributes
App/Client Logic
Cover Images
Add Contact for Social Graph Propagation and P2P Networking@burdiyan @horacio @Eric Vicenti @Julio
Subscribe to a Group @burdiyan @horacio @Eric Vicenti @Julio
Site Publishing Improvements @Eric Vicenti @horacio
Web Conversations
Site Maps
Better Cards
Homepage, remove document list

Q2 - Onboarding+Retention

First 100 Communities by the end of June
Improved Conversations
Author Resolves Comments.
Group Curation of Conversations
Author Removes Comments.
Discussions with a Forum UI
Group Curation of Conversations.
Participants Role
Garbage Collection&Delete Content @burdiyan
In-App Sent - Withdraw Lightning
Fine-tune app onboarding UX
Fine-tune publishing workflow
Pinning+Sites on subdomains.
Custom domains for hosted sites.
Generate Knowledge Structures
Hyper Academia by the end of May
Discover Content
SBB Author/Site N-hops Lightweight Indexed Information Syncing
Indexed Linkbases Syncing
Site Lightweight Indexed Information Syncing
Improve App Performance

Q3 - Users Acceleration

1000 Communities by the end of September
Hyper Academia Conference by the end of August
App Payments
Instant Conversations
Fine-grained Links
Group Curation/Moderation

Q4 - Time for Revenue

Digital Rights Ready by the end of November
Secret Documents
Copyright Claims
Pay for sites + pinning
Paywall on Sites for Secret Documents
charge for multidevice E2E encrypted sync
DRM Services

Maybe happening in 2024

Email Newsletters
Multidevice Sync: drafts, notifications

Not happening in 2024

App Plugin system
Site Plugin/Templating System